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Forcing VIP contract user down from Unlimited Data to 2GB

Are you for real. Whilst you say i can cancel with no penalties and keep the phone, i do not want to do this. There is 10 months of the contract to run. Whilst you say it is uneconomical for you why should i be penalised for your mistakes of offering it in the 1st place.


If it was uneconomical for me you would still charge me a large cancellation fee. To also say you can stay on VIP but still pay the same price for having 2GB data also beggers belief. 


Explain yourself Virginmedia

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Re: Forcing VIP contract user down from Unlimited Data to 2GB

Hi newbie1001,


Thanks for posting here with us.


I'm sorry you feel frustrated with our decision to get rid of the unlimited data.


We are always reviewing our services to make sure we offer the best packages that tailor to the needs of our customers.


The data limit is more in line with our fair usage policy which I have provided the link to here.


There are different tariffs you could change to.


I would recommend calling our mobile team on 789 or 0345 6000 789 to see which tariff we can offer you that would best suit your needs.   


Let me know if there's anything else you need.


Speak soon





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Re: Forcing VIP contract user down from Unlimited Data to 2GB

I have a similar issue - I have three pay monthly sims (myself and 2 boys).  One of them has recently been deemed a high data user and we've been given the option of downgrading to 1GB data (from unlimited) - it's policy apparently.  No forewarning that he was a high data user just the choice to downgrade to 1GB or 'go elsewhere'.  I tried to negotiate the 4GB but have been told this is not possible, nor is the 2GB - the only option offered is the 1GB package which I can find cheaper elsewhere.  My biggest gripe is that I was not forewarned and therefore unable to halt the procedure and try to get my son to curb his data usage.  We had also installed the app buddy but that is ineffective and doesn't work!

Amazingly, my other son who had the same package has been left with unlimited data for now - explain that!

Well, now that the VirginMedia side want to put up their rates and the mobile team are refusing to continue their pay monthly contract, the whole Virgin package is no longer viable or cost effective so, after approx 20 years of being a Virgin customer I am reluctantly left with no choice but to cancel everything and 'go elsewhere'.

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