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First 2 days with Virgin Mobile

I ported my number from Vodafone, have I made a huge mistake?
Firstly, praise for VM, had to call CS team a few times, they happily gave me free mins and data, goodwill they call it as my tariff was low and I've moved over to the 20G which starts in 20 days, I asked if I could buy mins and data, but they gave it for free 😊

I'm a little disappointed with the coverage I have to admit, at my home I get full 2G, 1 bar 3G and 3 bars of 4G, however when people call me they complain it goes straight to voicemail, I've tried this and it happens every time! Unless I lock the phone to 2G! My coverage on Vodafone was basically exactly the same, but I never had this issue, also driving around Im suffering a lot of dropped calls, I'm surprised at this as I though EE's coverage was superior.. I live in East London so coverage shouldn't be an issue!

I use to use HulloMail but have realised VM don't allow call forwarding so that's a little disappointing too, so far mixed feelings about moving to VM..
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Re: First 2 days with Virgin Mobile

As far as 4G is concerned you can forget that for making or receiving calls as it is data only.

Your phone should drop back to 3G to receive the call but I am wondering if this not happening or happening too slowly and answerphone is kicking in.

VM answerphone has a ridiculously short ring time by default. Call 789 and ask them to extend it to the maximum and see if this helps.

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