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False Advertisment??



I not been with Virgin for long but already angry at the service I recieved. I'm all happy with my internet, the issue is an email I recieved claiming I could get £5 off a mobile tariff because I am a Virgin Media customer.

So I tried this out online and nothing.

I call up Virgin and was told they need to go through the manager but after an hour or so being on hold the phone line cuts off.

I try again the next day and was told they can not honour it.

Today I go to a Virgin Media store and was kinda annoyied as they told me its nothing to do with them and I had to ring up Virgin directly. I left the store and used a pay phone to ring up Virgin who then told me to go back to the store and show them the email. I went back to the store shown the staff the email and the staff member just repeated that they can't do anything about it. I leave the store again and ring up Virgin and again its "We can't honour that, show the manager at the store".


I go back to the store and I made them ring up Virgin (They absolutely did not want to). I finally got through to a guy who had a wee common sense, he asked if the staff could confirm the email and then spoke to the staff. I couldn't hear what the guy on the phone was saying but from what the staff was saying it sounded like they where being instructed on how to apply the discount.


I spoke to the guy once more and he said its going to be transfered to another department who are going to take your details.


Was giving my bank details over the phone and it wasn't till the last bit I found out I wasn't even getting the deal I wanted. They tried fobbing me off with a standard contract. I didn't want that contract and said "No I want the contract I want", the staff at the store tried to convince me its better but it wasn't and then the team leader Katie hung up the phone and said they won't offer that deal.

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Re: False Advertisment??

Hi Marmaduke80,

Welcome to the Community Forum and thanks for getting in touch to let us know about the issue you have had trying to get the deal you were offered. I'm sorry that you've had such difficulties trying to sort this out. Has this been resolved for you since your post?

Please let me know if you would like for me to look into this.


Kind regards,


Virgin Media Forum Team

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