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Fake promises

I got sim only deal 6 months ago, where I was told that I will be able to upgrade after 3 months having good history of payments.

After 3 months, the automated system said I am eligible for upgrade but actually on phone the team as well as their supervisor said, 'No, the rule is of 6 months, there is fault in automated system' and she promised me to upgrade to mobile phone after 6 months. 

After 6 months, I was told, 'yes, I am eligible for upgrade'. The guy on phone said, it is going to be a good news and he will call me 48 hours. 

No call in 48 hours. 

Then I called, this time another fellow took my detailed changed password and again said it is going to be a good news and he will update in 48 hours. 

Again, No call in 48 hours.

Then I called. This time a girl on phone. She took all my detailed again, said "good news, yes, I am  eligible for phone upgrade". She explained me phone, price, and plan details. Then she said, the colour I want is not in stock but there is another phone colour available. I agreed.

After being on phone for nearly half hours, she said she can't upgrade me to phone as I need high credit ratings. I having low ratings. 

I ask, how?

6 months direct debit, 6 months waiting time, 2 time 48 hours wait, every time half hour on phone about my details, every time promise directly by managers. was that all drama?

Moral of the story:

All that was fake promises, they rely on reference agencies and you on 6 months roll on contract has nothing to do with your phone upgrade. Don't trust them, Virgin is fake. 


Complaint number/call reference number COM101273861









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Re: Fake promises

An all too familiar story. Take out a SIM for X months and all will be well. Sadly, it does not appear to work like that.

You may well find you will be better off elsewhere.