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Failed credit check


I have been a Virgin Media customer for more than 20 years and never had any problems with credit checks or debits in any circumstance, with any company, including Virgin. However, today I was refused a 'free style contract' while upgrading my son's phone. I was told I didn't pass the credit check and to write to the consumer underwriting, which I have and will post the letter tomorrow morning. When I googled this I found this forum and all the posting since last year which sounds all the same and it sounds to me very dishonest and I am wondering is it is actually a clever scheme to take money  

When I googled this I found this forum and all the posting since last year, mostly from long-term customers, sounds all the same, with the same complaints.  It sounds to me something fishy and possibly very dishonest is going on here. I have also learned that customer underwriting do not reply to letters and it might take months.

Can anyone please help? And please could anyone give me the email to the customer underwriting?


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Re: Failed credit check


as you have found by looking on this forum, you are most certainly not alone.

Many "would be" Virgin Mobile customers with a good credit rating have like yourself failed to meet Virgin's criteria and gone on to take out similar type contracts with operators such as O2 where they passed for the loan!

If you wish to pursue this through the Underwriters, unfortunately they aren't giving out an email address.

Just postal address:

Consumer Underwriting Services
Virgin Media
Eagle Court,
Coventry Road,
B26 3RZ

I did however come across this phone number in a post by another unhappy customer but can't personally vouch for it:

Virgin Mobile Consumer Underwriting Service : Telephone number 0800 052 0290

AlexKid :-)

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