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Failed credit check - ridiculous

Last week I decided I would like to buy a new phone and commit to a 2 year plan with Virgin mobile. It was very easy to order online and I was looking forward to my new phone and my new data plan...

However, after several e-mails and phone calls (initiated by me - I have had to chase them for this information and it has been painfully slow) I have been told that I have failed the credit check and "cannot become a Virgin post-paid customer".

This is ludicrous. I have a full-time permanent job, money in the bank, a PhD and a clean credit history. I have just moved interstate, which I assume is the reason for the refusal. Honestly, people move frequently, your system needs to able to be flexible about that.

Virgin have just lost a potential customer, as I never plan to put myself through that painful and unrewarding process again. I have never experienced anything like it. I would have happily paid some of the fee upfront to show my 'credit worthiness' , but that is not even an option. Considering the number of complaints on here, this is not a new problem.

Oh well, I guess I'll never know if Virgin mobile plans were any good, I will only know that their customer service is rubbish, despite all the cheerful little vacuous comments in their messages.

Very unimpressed, never-to-be customer Smiley Sad

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Re: Failed credit check - ridiculous

What do you mean 'moved interstate', isn't that an American saying? I take it you are in the UK

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