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FBI?! Useless customer service when reporting harassing calls.

I can't believe someone in your call centre actually suggested I report harassing calls to the FBI. This is what happens when you use international call centres.

So basically I've been chased for nearly a year by a cold-calling company (sometimes many calls a week) who were sniffing around since I made a claim on my car insurance in January, it looks like my insurance company sold my details on to another company who make money from claiming for injuries.

I hung up on someone from this company on 3/11, and since then they have been calling me around eight times a day, hanging up every time they get through, calling from a completely different land-line number every single time. This is pure harassment.

In the last few days, this has been with private numbers. I do have an app on my phone that blocks all unknown numbers now, but this isn't very sustainable as I use the phone for work. I don't want to change my number, and I want to go back to being able to answer unknown numbers.

I've registered my number with the TPS, I contacted the ICO and they told me that my phone provider should be able to investigate who is behind all these different phone numbers and trace the private calls. Ofcom also confirmed that Virgin Media should have the power to be able to trace these calls and take action.

But Virgin have been a complete nightmare. Over one and a half hours today I was passed from pillar to post- kept being told to ring 0800 953 3333 for the Virgin Media Nuisance Calls Bureau, but this number never connected with anybody from that department- one person had never heard of it. I got told to ring various 'Virgin' numbers which actually belonged to the TPS, CPR, etc. But it then turned out that Virgin Media couldn't help me as it was a Virgin Mobile issue.

The last person I spoke to said that there was nothing that Virgin could do other than change my number or have me pay to block unknown numbers, neither of these options is realistic for me. From what I've been told by Ofcom, Virgin *CAN* look into who is behind these calls, but *WON'T*. And to add insult to injury, this guy at Virgin told me to contact my nearest agent at the FBI, and to go to   AFTER I gave him example phone numbers from the UK that have been calling me, and made it very clear I live in the UK.

I will be looking to port my number to a mobile phone company who will be willing to actually help end this harassment, I can't believe how hard it is to get through to the right people at Virgin to help with this issue, and how laughably useless they are once it is possible to connect with the right person.

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Re: FBI?! Useless customer service when reporting harassing calls.

Hi Bobsterlobster,


Thanks for posting Smiley Happy


I'm really sorry that you've had so much trouble with the nuiscance calls. I want to get this all sorted for you.


So I can take a further look into this, are you able to PM me your full name, mobile number and 3 characters of your password?


I'll consult with my colleagues once I have the info and I'll do all I can to make sure this is sorted.




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