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Extortionate Bill

Hi All,
I've just received an extortionate bill from Virgin mobile, I received no indication other than a text saying I'm reaching my limit. I'm on an £8 a month tariff and my bill is £92 (inc £8 line rental)!!!!!

i won't be able to afford this, and the next tariff up is only £2 more: how can Virgin justify charging me 42 times as much.


I thought the £8 a month was suppose to help me save money now I have to pay more than 10 and half months line rental in one go. 


I simply cannot afford this.

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Re: Extortionate Bill

You've had 1,212 minutes in total so you're well over your allowance. What you need to do is look through the itemised part of your bill and see which calls have cost you money and which were included. You can then start to track down what's going on. Considering how much time you spend on the phone (I haven't spent 20 hours on my phone in total since I got it 2½ years ago, let alone in the last month), you might consider looking at your calls which lasted more than one hour. Those aren't included in your allowance.



Ignore all that


You've used 212 minutes over your allowance which works out at 212 x 40p which is £84.80.


Calls outside of your allowance on SIM only and PayG are 40p per minute.



It sounds like you're also upset about the lack of notification that you're approaching your limit. As long as they send you one warning and provide the facility to monitor your spending online, I think they've done a reasonable amount from their end to mitigate the cost of your service. The rest was up to you.


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Re: Extortionate Bill

In order to avoid this happening again.


1. Don't ignore the initial notification

2. Lower your monthly credit limit. By default its around £150 per month, one quick phone call to customer services and you can set it to something affordable


Chalk it down to a lesson learned 

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