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Exceeded allowance


I have a problem with my Virgin Mobile

I have pay monthly account (12£ tariff)

When i come back from holiday virgin take 44.16£ from my accont Smiley Surprised

On my accont is:

12£ tariff

22£ Exceeded allowance

10.16£ Not in allowance


That last are message to othe country

But 22£ "Using the internet"

For example:

I have 2GB Data in tariff but they are take money if i still have free data and it dose not matter i use 1KB or 160MB


25 Aug00:19Using the internet-Exceeded1KB£1.00
24 Aug00:46Using the internet-Exceeded1KB£1.00
23 Aug00:35Using the internet-Exceeded1KB£1.00
22 Aug00:24Using the internet-Exceeded3KB£1.00
21 Aug00:00Using the internet-Exceeded1KB£1.00
20 Aug00:00Using the internet-Exceeded2KB£1.00
19 Aug01:44Using the internet-Exceeded3KB£1.00
18 Aug00:18Using the internet-Exceeded125KB£1.00
17 Aug07:51Using the internet-Exceeded9.51MB£1.00
15 Aug00:32Using the internet-Exceeded1KB£1.00
14 Aug00:18Using the internet-Exceeded8KB£1.00
13 Aug00:02Using the internet-Exceeded53KB£1.00
12 Aug00:14Using the internet-Exceeded6.35MB£1.00
11 Aug11:28Using the internet-Exceeded5.72MB£1.00
10 Aug00:36Using the internet-Exceeded78KB£1.00
09 Aug03:32Using the internet-Exceeded395KB£1.00
08 Aug00:10Using the internet-Exceeded26KB£1.00
07 Aug00:12Using the internet-Exceeded143KB£1.00
06 Aug00:23Using the internet-Exceeded102KB£1.00
05 Aug00:03Using the internet-Exceeded84KB£1.00

Date Type Number In tariff Used Cost

04 Aug03:04Using the internet-Exceeded1KB£1.00
03 Aug19:24Using the internet-Partial160.00MB£1.00
25 Aug23:54Using the internet-Exceeded1KB£0.00
25 Aug22:55Using the internet-Exceeded1KB£0.00
25 Aug21:56Using the internet-Exceeded1KB£0.00
25 Aug20:59Using the internet-Exceeded1KB£0.00
25 Aug20:01Using the internet-Exceeded1KB£0.00
25 Aug19:05Using the internet-Exceeded1KB£0.00
25 Aug18:11Using the internet-Exceeded1KB£0.00
25 Aug17:12Using the internet-Exceeded1KB£0.00
25 Aug16:17Using the internet-Exceeded2KB£0.00
25 Aug14:52Using the internet-Exceeded2.78MB£0.00
25 Aug14:08Using the internet-Exceeded9KB£0.00
25 Aug13:21Using the internet-Exceeded175KB£0.00
25 Aug11:33Using the internet-Exceeded7.48MB£0.00
25 Aug11:00Using the internet-Exceeded144KB£0.00
25 Aug10:00Using the internet-Exceeded211KB£0.00
25 Aug08:59Using the internet-Exceeded2.11MB£0.00
25 Aug08:12Using the internet-Exceeded232KB£0.00
25 Aug07:12Using the internet-Exceeded2.01MB£0.00


Very strange thing is that imediately after midnight fee is charged 1£ and then during the day while using the internet for free.


If is some body who can help me please write.

I can't find any email adress to VM





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Re: Exceeded allowance

The few KB taken just after midnight is easy to explain.


Your phone uses data all the time, bits here and there, it's not a lot but it happens. If you are connected to a wifi router, your phone will use that by default, but otherwise it will use your mobile data.


The only way to stop this is to turn mobile data off.


Any mobile data that you use in any given day is rolled up into one total that's added to your account at some time after midnight.


Data gets used even when your phone is in standby Some phones will disable wifi after a short time in standby just to save battery. If mobile data is on, they will use that instead, otherwise they will tend to just wait 'til there's a data connection.


This all means you can have data taken off your allowance a) even if you aren't using the internet yourself and b) even when you think it should be coming from somewhere other than your limited and/or chargeable mobile data.


When you exceed your data allowance, any usage of the internet is charged at £1 per day. This includes the background data your phone uses by itself.


You need to establish if you did use up your 2GB and if not, you need to ring 789 to sort it out.



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