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Errors in emails from Virgin

On Tuesday I signed up for a sim-only contract. I received several emails. One of them said that the sim would be sent via Yodel, and that I must be at home to sign for it. The next said that Yodel would deliver on 30/3 (yesterday). There was a link in this email to the Yodel tracking site, but this said that they didn't have the package. I waited in all day yesterday, but nothing arrived, so I rang the customer support number this morning. It seems that the sim is not coming via Yodel, but in the post, and that I won't need to sign for it. Clearly the young lady I spoke to had had to apologize to customers before, and that this is a known problem. Is it really a good idea to annoy a customer even before the sim has arrived? Why on earth hasn't someone sorted this out, or at least sent a third email to tell me to ignore the previous two? OK, nobody died, but it is pretty irritating.

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Re: Errors in emails from Virgin

You are right, this is one long standing problem of many.

Lot's of posts on here revolve around 5 or 6 issues that have been going on for months.

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