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End of contract

I have come to the end of my VM 24mth contract and can now choose an upgrade. What happens if I do not wish to upgrade my phone? Should I see my monthly £16 fee reduce as I should no longer be paying for the handset? Do I need to do anything to arrange this? I cannot find any information on the website about NOT choosing an upgrade
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Re: End of contract

Hi Edenmay12

if you don't want to take a new handset then you can be moved to a SIM only rate. So you can as you say move down to a cheaper rate but keep the same number. When you are ready to take a conract with a handset then you can do this.

You would need to call Virgin on 789 to get this arranged

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Re: End of contract

Hi Edenmay12,

even though as you say your contract period is over and your handset is effectively paid for you will continue to pay the same ammount until you call Virgin mobile and request a change giving 30 days notice.

If you do not wish to upgrade your phone I would advise you to call as soon as possible.

To speak with Retentions/Cancelation team directly call 0800 183 1150

AlexKid :-)


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