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EU Data Package

A couple of months ago I tried to BUY 50MB to 23456 while in the UK for a forthcoming trip.


It didn't work.


I went through the rigmarole of calling VM. Eventually got through to an agent who sorted, and said it wouldn't happen again.

While I was away I had to buy some more. That worked fine.


Now, a couple of months down the line I've tried again (fortunately while still in the UK).


Surprise surprise, it's not working.


Why oh why oh why is it so difficult to do anything with Virgin? I left GiffGaff because of no customer service.


Currently I have three issues with VM:


1. Cannot buy an EU data pass.

2. Cannot view passed bills.

3. When I go to upgrade my package I am seeing old options (i.e. unlimited data packages)


Life's too short to get wound up by a mobile provider. If it can't be sorted I say give these businesses one more chance and then move to another provider. EE looks to be the way forward.

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Re: EU Data Package

Hi jimryder,


I'm sorry that purchasing the data pass isn't working for you right now.  Our team on the phone are able to apply that to the account for you manually, give us a call on 789 from your mobile device, or 0345 6000 789 to get that sorted.


I'm sorry you're also having trouble viewing correct tariff information online, this is an issue that we're aware of and are working to fix.  Our team on the phone will also be able to advise you of the correct information for that.


Hope that helps.


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