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EE merger with BT

The latest is that all is on track for a merger which means EE will be a thing of the past sometime next year, But I ask since Virgin uses the EE signal and are rivals of BT will  Virgin stay on the BT signal? I have my doubts and would like to know what will happen to Virgin Mobile signal? Vodafone is the only option and I believe Vodafone have said something like they are not interested.

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Re: EE merger with BT

I think actually the opposite is true. Virgin is by far the biggest MVNO in the UK, so this is a lucrative contract for BT to hold onto, & will no doubt have been built into their business model. With the number of core network operators diminishing, the competition regulators also seem keen on insisting that MVNO's are included in merger deals.


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Re: EE merger with BT

many monthd ago virgins "upgrades" were basicly seperating alot of there systems from relying on EE for the purpose of that if and when required it could transfer there network to another operator.


They were in talks with vodafone a while back im guessing as some sort of backup plan

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Re: EE merger with BT

HI all,


I'm afraid I'm unable to comment on potential business mergers as this would be unprofessional.


I will say that Virgin Mobile will continue to stay committed to our customers and will always seek to provide them with the best service possible.





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