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EE Roaming Statement

From EE regarding roaming problems

Hi everyone,


I want to give you the background on the roaming issues some EE customers experienced over the last couple of days – issues that are now resolved.


First though – we’re sorry. Being able to text, call, and use data while you’re abroad is vital. Keeping you connected and giving you the best possible mobile experience is what we strive to achieve every day, and we’re not happy when we don’t give you the level of service you expect and deserve.


So what went wrong? Making roaming work is a hugely complex, global operation involving over 500 partners in hundreds of countries. If you are in Spain, for example, EE does not own a network there, so we build technical and commercial relationships with a number of mobile operators in there to give you seamless access to their networks.


We link together all these partners via a global interconnect platform that manages routing of customer voice, data and text traffic, inter-working between all the different networks, and security to keep customers’ communications secure no matter which network they’re on.


Last weekend, a faulty software update meant that some EE customers were unable to access our roaming service.


And like when you get updates for apps or the operating system on your phone, we needed to update the software in these systems with a new version.


This whole process took around 24 hours to complete – fixing and testing lines of code, and going country by country to make sure there were no defects in the hundreds of countries EE customers visit.


Our network and software engineers worked through the night to fix the problem, and the good news is that full service has been restored. We’ve learned a lot, and we will be using that knowledge to continue to improve your EE experience.


Thank you for your patience and enjoy the rest of your summer.