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E-mailed wrong invoice by Virgin, can't reply to e-mail, how do I contact someone?

Since the upgrade at the end of March, my phone bills aren't showing on my wife's account and this can't be sorted yet (see many other threads about this!).


My VAT return is due and my wife needs to submit copies of the invoices for my mobile bill to reclaim the VAT.


I phoned Virgin, sat in a queue for 10 mins, a very surly man said he would e-mail Jan - April bills to my wife's email address, but he just sent April's bill (which I don't even need yet) 5 times!


I tried to reply to his e-mail but it bounces back.


I have searched the Virgin 'help' pages for some other way of contacting them rather than sitting in a phone queue again but am coming up with nothing - does anyone have an e-mail address that I can direct my problem to? 



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