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Due for an upgrade on my Mobile contract and refused. Been with Virgin for over 6 years!

My Mobile phone contract ends on the 13th September 2016.

So i called Virgin Mobile today to ask about changing over to a Sim Only deal on a rolling contract as i felt paying £45.00 on the unlimited package was too much and also mainly due to the fact that the Phone i got on that deal, namely the Samsung Galaxy S5 was lying damaged in a drawer with a smashed screen that i had pay to repair myself (£100!!) because Virgin wanted £150.00 excess to repair it under the Rip Off free insurance scam that they had me signed up to. The repair did not go successfully and the glue failed leaving the screen effectively hanging off my phone. So i am using the Samsung Galaxy s3 phone that i got on my previous contract with Virgin back in 2012 on a Mthly contract of £45.00 per mth.

Anyway during the conversation this evening i was told that i was using on average 86 mins of Calls per mth, a few hundred texts and around 5gb of Data each mth and that the £15.00 per mth sim only deal would be best for me as it gave me enough minutes and more importantly 5Gb of data each mth. My plan was to buy the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 when it goes on sale here in the UK on the 2nd September and use my Monthly sim only sim in this phone.

I was told however that a credit check would need to be run because it was a new contract.... and guess what i failed it. Happy Days :-) The joys of being self employed. I was told therefore that the only options open to me to reduce my monthly cost was to reduce the Mthly price of the contract i was currently on. Either £36.00 per mth for 500Mb of data each mth lol (a bit off my 5Gb i currently use for work) or £41.00 per mth for 1Gb of data each mth!. This i was told was the best they could do. I argued that this is the kind of prices you would be paying if the deal included a brand new top of the range handset!! So i asked, what would the new deal be if i upgraded to the new Samsung Galaxy s7 / s7 edge and stayed with Virgin on a new 2 year contract till Sep 2018 even though i wouldnt get 4G still!. And you know what.... I was told that because i failed the credit check for a sim only deal and i now also did not qualify for an upgraded handset or loan for a handset.

So in the past 4 years i have been on Virgins Unlimited bundle paying them £45.00 per mth £1080.00 in total by the end of next mth (Sep 2016) And i am being told if i wish to remain with them, the very best they could offer me is £36.00 per mth for 500Mb of data and that does not include a phone of any description.

I find this crazy, irrational and pretty damn disgraceful that a large company such as this would treat a loyal customer of both Home Media and Mobile for way over 13/14 years in such a manner. So i have now no option but to pay another £45.00 for my contract between 13th Aug - 13th Sep 2016 and then leave Virgin all together. Now the hunt begins for another Mobile Supplier.

Hope i find one and one that treats customers way better than Virgin Mobile.

Pretty Speechless and find this all Absolutely Bonkers!!


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Re: Due for an upgrade on my Mobile contract and refused. Been with Virgin for over 6 years!

Hi Paul


I'm massively sorry to read about the trouble you've experienced lately, it's really not something I'd want you, or any of our customers to go through after being with us for so long.


If you'd like, I can request that a member of the team review this situation and take another look for you. To do that, I'd need to request some information so just let me know and we'll get right too it.


Apologies again for the inconvenience this has caused.


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