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Double data plan offer £8

I have had my current phone for 20 months on the Freestyle plan and currently get 600 minutes and 1gb of data for £7.11 per month and the current offer of 1000minutes and 2gb of data for £8 per month like quite a good deal to me.

After speaking with customer services I was told that I was not eligible for this offer on my 2 year contract.

I have 2 questions,

This £8 double data offer is advertised as being available to all pay monthly and sim only users, why can I not get it?

Secondly, I did not know I was on a 2 year contract, I though the phone is on a 2 year finance plan and the usage is a 30 day rolling contract, that is what the Virgin Media www site describe Freestyle contracts as.

Can anybody explain to why I can not have this current offer?

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Re: Double data plan offer £8

Hi malbin,


a lot of people are caught out by this.

In the terms applicable when you took out the contract it does state that although you’re free to change your tariff once a month. You can only move between the tariffs that were available during the time you signed up.

This is a new promotional tariff you want to move to and so unfortunately not available to you.

You are correct that your phone is on a two year finance plan but unless you pay it off early you are also expected to retain a SIM only contract during the period.


AlexKid :-)

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