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Does Virgin really ever use EE signal?



So after many months of poor signal whilst living very close to the city centre, outside in some other areas where I get full bars from o2 and EE PAYG, but struggle with 3 on Virgin.


Inside from home I barely get 2 bars unless I stand next to a window but yet when using EE PAYG it has full signal. 


This wasn't a issue before, I even use to see Tmobile pop up as the carrier next to the signal but thats never the case now and always pretty bad. 


Does this possibly have to do with having a really old SIM card? 

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Re: Does Virgin really ever use EE signal?

Hi vtank,


Thanks for your post.


Sorry to hear about the signal coverage issues you've been experiencing.


An old SIM card shouldn't really make any difference however I would recommend calling our mobile team on 789 or alternatively on 0345 6000 789 so we can take a further look at this for you.


Speak soon


Many thanks







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