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Discount Ending


I've received a letter saying my mobile discount is ending which I am not overly happy with.  I can't find an email address to send my complaint - and I am hoping maybe you can offer some advice, even better - an email address since I want to send some screenshots.

Basic story.  We signed up to a sim only deal a long time ago.  It was all very good and some time later when we enquired to cancelling we were offered a discount on the basis it would be applied for so long as we kept the sim and kept the account in good order.  

Now we've always maintained this but we're told now it is ending within 30 days and will go to its current price (which is also incorrect, it is being stated as £8.50 more even than the pre-discount amount).

So the reason for the screenshots I want to send are because it shows the discount duration and the current pre-discount 'tariff'.  Ideally we'd like VM to honour the discount as shown (we don't ever get close to any usage amounts so it's not because we want to exhaust any caps or similar) because this was what was agreed.  I also don't want the hassle of signing to a new contract or worse still a new provider.

Any advice welcome.... thanks

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Re: Discount Ending

Virgin do not have an email address!

There is a snail mail address though - 


Virgin Media,

PO Box 333,

Matrix Court,



One of the team may pick this up and PM you, but they don't usually deal with Accounts

Part of the increase may be the price hike from July - most cases this is an extra £3

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Re: Discount Ending

Hi kimphilips,


Welcome to the Community Forum--I'm sorry that you're experiencing problems with your offered discount.


As enlli correctly advised, you can write in to make a complaint, but you can also do this online. Just go to Contact Us (this is found via > Something Else > Make a Complaint > Email us.


Please complete this online form and submit the details to us, noting within the details of your complaint that you have a screen shot available to send, that way we can make arrangements for you to send this through. Please note, we aim to resolve all complaints within 28 days of receipt and you will receive an email confirmation that we've received your complaint. 


Kind regards,

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