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Delivery problem

I have been awaiting my upgrade date to arrive a few months ago I dropped my galaxy s3 and cracked my screen in several places knowing my upgrade was coming up I didn't get it fixed. 


I ordered a galaxy s6 earlier this week which was to be delivered the next day, this is where my problems start.


I have had several phones with virgin and never had any problems with delivery until now.


I work six days a week since I was told previously told when ordering a previous phone I could only have it delivered to my account address I agreed to have it delivered to a next door neighbour if I wasn't home, not a problem I have to very nice next door neighbours who take delivery of parcels for me if I'm not home.


Now here's where my problem starts Yodel did deliver to someone else but for the life in me can't work out why they think this is ok, to deliver to someone on the other side of the street who can't speak English how can this be right how  would he know what he was signing for he can't speak English I doubt he can read what he's signing. I strongly suspect it ended up there only because they were already outside gutting their grass when the driver pulled up.


So me husband gets home from work sees delivery note and goes across. Surprise surprise he says he left package on my door handle, wonderful my £700 phone is now missing.


I ring virgin as soon as I get home and explain what's happened, lady on other end of phone tells me they have to open an investigation which I understand.


My concern now is I have my current broken phone,  a contract for a new phone which will still have to be paid but no new phone and no idea what's going to happen and how long it's going to take to even get any sort of answer.


I strongly advise virgin media to stop using yodel they are without doubt the worst delivery company out there.

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