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Declined freestyle tariff


I have been a virgin mobile customer for over 6 months with 2 sim only deals for me and my partner. When I first wanted a contract, I was informed the best way to do it would be to get a sim only deal then in 3 months time, if all payments are made, I would be able to upgrade to a mobile.

I rang them after my third payment and was told that the policies had now changed and I now had to pay 6 months instead which was fine as I'm only 21 so don't have a great credit history.

I then rang them after my 6th payment, was asked to choose a phone and tariff etc, all fine. Went to do the credit check and she said I'd passed for a standard tariff but not a freestyle, which is a bit pointless as there is apparently only 1 phone avaliable on the standard. She then told me I'd be better off paying outright for the phone or paying another 6 months.

Anyone have any idea on what's best to do? My partner really needs a phone and feel like I'm just constantly waiting with virgin mobile.

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Re: Declined freestyle tariff

Hi Hannahjade94

Sorry to hear you have had problems regarding the upgrade

The policy used to be 3 months consistent payments on time , however, this policy was reviewed in august and changed to 6 months. This rule is strictly enforced unfortunately and cannot be overridden. Smiley Sad

For the credit check part , they're are 2 parts to this. The internal part and the external part

If you passed for a standard contract then this would imply that you have passed with Virgin , however, you didn't pass the external part. They are a few guidelines (FCA) that we must follow in order to approve the credit agreement / interest free loan part of the upgrade

If the account is in your name then you can transfer the account in to his name and then he can try to get the handset?

if you speak to one of the team on 789 then we can have a look if we can do this for you .

hope this answers a few points for you.
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