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Data Roaming charges..


Just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences.

I work as cabin crew so I'm abroad (outside of the EU )about 4/5 times a month. Just had my bill taken from my account and it's about £20 over what it should be...I don't usually pay too much attention if my bill goes slightly over each month as I always assumed it was me going over my internet allowance as I frequently use 3G when on the train etc.

However checking back over all my bills I've realised that I've actually been charged because marketing companies etc have tried to call me when I'm abroad. I've never once answered the phone so never assumed I would be charged but I'm being charged around £3 a time !

Apparently you get charged this if it goes to the first part of voicemail even if the company hangs up before leaving a message.

I don't see how this is fair in anyway. I've been advised to turn off my voicemail but working in the job I do it's a bit inconvenient for the days that I'm on standby or if there's a delayed flight and work need to leave me a message.

Has anyone been successful in getting a refund for data roaming charges?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Data Roaming charges..

Hi Beck1012,


Welcome to the forums Smiley Happy


I'm really sorry that you've been charged for the calls while roaming. I'm afraid there's nothing that I can do as what you've been informed is correct. Diverting the call to voicemail will count as answering the call and you'll be charged accordingly for this.


Sorry I couldn't help more with this.

Let me know if you have any further questions.



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