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Data Allowance when abroad

I would have liked to raise the points below with Virgin Mobile by email or by post, but this supposed ‘communication company’ only lists phone numbers for complaints. This is not very helpful for someone with hearing difficulties. So here’s hoping someone from Virgin Mobile monitors this forum.

Prior to a recent holiday to various EU countries I bought 250MB of data allowance. Whilst abroad, I tried to check how much data I had left by texting STATUS to 23456 on a number of occasions and from various EU countries. All I got was a response that they could not action my request. Texting STATUS did not work, until I got home. What use is it after the event?

In addition, I tried to top up my allowance because I guessed, correctly, that I didn’t have enough allowance left to download a newspaper. The system wouldn’t let me add to the allowance before the existing one had run out. This meant that I had to exhaust my allowance by starting the download, wait for it to fail and then top up. I then had to restart the download from scratch, what a waste of my allowance. 

Finally, when I wanted to add another allowance I didn’t have access to the Internet or to Wi-Fi. I only needed a small allowance this time so texted HELP to 23456, hoping that it would give me a list of the data allowances that I could buy. The returning message gave no useful information whatsoever. I finished up buying another 250MB allowance, even though I knew I didn’t need this much. I still have 200MB left with no prospect of using it.

I know that we will be able to use our home allowance when we go abroad next year, but these problems need sorting out as they are costing Virgin's customers money.


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Re: Data Allowance when abroad

Hi lestergit,


here is a guide to Consumer Complaints

You can email them starting from here: Help and Support - Contact Us > Something else > Making a complaint.

Or write to:

Virgin Media
PO Box 333
Matrix Court


AlexKid :-)

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