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Damaged sim (poor customer service)

Awful online support. I have a damaged SIM which keeps causing my phone to restart and reset. So I went online to look for help or a way to get a replacement SIM but this rubbish website just kept sending me around in circles for ages and there was no useful information anyway! I found a page for if I've got a lost or damaged sim or phone, but that only lead to a form for stolen and lost phones. There's absolutely nowhere for emailing with questions and problems, which is stupid because that's by far the easiest way to contact customer service, and the online support team are supposedly all busy. Instead, every page kept urging me to call instead, which I'm hesitant about because even though '789' is a free number, I end up getting billed for the call anyway because of the route I take once on the call, trying to talk to someone about my problem... However I tried this option and kept listening to the options but it lead to a dead end too as I kept just getting more options, none of which seemed to apply to my problem. So now I've had to make an account on here just to post my problem publicly as there seems no other way to get my problem through to the virgin mobile support team. And that itself took ages because the verification email took a long time to get to me... awful service.

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Re: Damaged sim (poor customer service)

HI bluoscar


Welcome to the Community, I'm very sorry for the problems you're experiencing with your SIM card at the moment. 


I've not been able to accurately locate your account to check that your SIM card has been ordered, if you'd like me to get that sorted just respond to the private message Iv'e sent with the requested information. 


You can view the message by clicking the envelope on the top right of this page.


Apologies again for the inconvenience this is causing, we're looking forward to hearing from you.


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