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Cut off three times by Virgins customer care team....

Basically me and the Mrs have ordered new sims...with a few added extras from Virgin for being loyal and long (suffering) customers!!

To cut a long story sim works...hers doesn't!

Firstly went down to the local Virgin store to see if they could help...they checked my Mrs new sim card was put in by them and they told me that within 24 hours it would be up and running...eight days later...nothing!

Spoke to a lady from abroad...went through a few checks....our accounts all appeared ok(I could barely hear what she was saying though as her colleagues were  shouting/laughing in the background)...did a few more checks on the phone...then without warning I was cut off!

Phoned Virgin up through to another fine lady (who's colleagues were also having a great time judging by the noise and laughter being made)...she tells me I need to call the Tech team on 0800 123 1150...and then I was cut off again.....

I phoned this number ....eventually got through...went through the same laborious security questions again...same procedures and checks as before...then silence....and without warning I was cut off

I phoned Virgin up once through to a lady who more or less got to the problem straight away(wrong Sim card was sent to me)...their error as she said...but offered no refund or even a genuine I look forward to receiving a sim card that works with my wife's phone...but what has happened to Virgin nowadays?

Wasted a days trip to the local store and an hour and a half talking to people who gave the impression they didn't care and were more concerned with the laughter/banter going off around them than talking to a customer who needed help.

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Re: Cut off three times by Virgins customer care team....

Hey clashpie, 


Welcome to the community and thank you for posting! 


I am so sorry to hear that you haven’t had a very good time of late trying to get to the bottom of your wife’s SIM card issue. I am glad that it was sorted out in the end, if you do have any further issues with this however please come back and let me know. 


Take care, 



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