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Customer care not!

Ok, so my direct debit didn't go out. Ok, services suspended, pay Bill on line. Try and get hold of virgin mobile customer service and get nothing! I have tried to complain several times and, what do I get nothing! I am usually put to speak to someone who has the customer care skills of a brick wall. Never ask to speak to a manager as virgin don't employ any. Write several times to ask for a breakdown of mobile Bill as I have had the same phone for 2 and a half years, can't have upgrade or SIM only deal as I am not allowed, but the keeps getting paid every month, but still no reply. Oh gosh, I am only a customer. Or it is that virgin have something against me as I got rid of tv and internet and phone from me for rude customer service. Please advise

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Re: Customer care not!


You are not the only one. Virgin staff as far as i can see have no Customer Service Training.

I have pulled out of TV,  Broadband, Home phone because of awful customer service.


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Re: Customer care not!

HI HelenR1963,

Welcome to the forums Smiley Happy

I'm really sorry that you've had some trouble with  the service from us. I want to get this all sorted for you. Are you still having issues with the network currently?

Please let me know as soon as you can and I'll be sure to get it sorted Smiley Happy



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