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Customer Service

Last year I purchased a phone for my daughter and at the time advised that I wanted the phone to be in my name, and on my account. I was advised it would be but it wasn't and so I made several phone calls and again was told that this was all sorted. I had no reason to doubt this until my daughter had some problem with her email account and I tried to log in, which I was unable to do. I then called and was told that in fact I can't register this phone under my email address because it was under another account and you cant use the same email. I was told to set up another email address, which I do not wish to do, having email, passwords, login etc for so many things now.

The lady I spoke to yesterday said she couldn't do anything but would redirect all bills etc to my email account, and that I would receive an email to confirm this, I didn't!

I was still needing to reset my daughters phone, or get some advice and so I popped into the Virgin Media store, and was told they couldn't do any thing.

When I returned home I spoke to Samsung, who kindly and graciously gave me all the assistance they could and directed me to their store. Today I visited them and they said they could reset my daughters phone but that I would need proof of purchase, when I advised I didn't have anything on me (and I was in a rush to get this done as my daughter goes away with the school tomorrow), they advised me to give you a bell and that you would probably just be able to resend me proof of purchase.  

But of course this wasn't the case, after explaining the situation to the CS representative she asked me some security questions, and this I have to say is a comfort, BUT I didn't pass them. I was able to tell her our bank but apparently the security question I answered incorrectly. So now you wont discuss anything with me. I am reassured that this is the case, BUT if you had put my account in my name, as was asked on several occasions, on the same account as my mobile this wouldn't have been a problem. There was no attempt to help me any further.

Because you couldn't send me proof I was charged to reset my daughter, which with proof would have been a free service. Samsung employees were very apologetic (Please take note)

This is not the first time I have been totally bemused by your customer services, last year I also had the misfortune of being made to feel an incompetent idiot when our broadband went wrong. And when I upgraded my phone last year and rather than give me an upgrade they gave me a new contract!!! I am a reasonable person, who has worked in a demanding Customer Services department for a large Insurance company.

Not only this but when I recently hurt my back and cracked my screen I was told that there would be a £70 excess to repair it, when I could go and get it repaired locally for £30/40, explain the logic of that to me.

We have all of our families mobile phones with you, broadband, tv and landline with you but at this rate will be cancelling our long standing contract with you in order to find a more customer focused company who understand the importance of gaining customer loyalty.

To add insult to injury when I just called to ask for an email address to write to because I cannot actually bare the thought of phoning someone to speak to about this, for fear of 1) losing my temper, 2) being driven to insanity, or 3) being made to feel like a criminal. I was asked to wait a minute and she kept me hanging on the line for 14 mins, I now know there isn't an email address but not because she told me but because I hung up and searched online!!!!!





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Re: Customer Service

Hi Rebecca

59 views and no admin reply, typical.

sadly as you have no doubt guessed by now this is a mainly self help forum, and individual accounts can't be accessed by the likes of me. There is an address to write into that you will no doubt have seen, it seems to me that it's your only option, if you daughter in under 18 Virgin by law can't give her a contract, if that's the case try calling again, have you daughter with you, also bank details etc. It may work.

I may have a possible option to reset the phone, send me a pm with the make and exact model, I'll see if I can find a reset method for you to follow, if you don't think you can do that it's ok by me.

It won't resolve the account issue, that's important as you won't be able to cancel or change the contract withou access as it a phone call to cancel a contract and get a pac.

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