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Customer Service?

Hi Virgin Customer Services,


I hope you are sitting comfortably as we’re about to begin a story…I’m undecided if it is a comedy or a tale of horror, I’ll let you decide!


You see I have been a customer of yours for getting on for 8 or 9 years now, I’ve made use of your Broadband, TV services and mobile phones and in my time as a loyal customer have handed over somewhere in the region of £7,000 to you.


Some would describe this as a pretty good customer, worthy of retaining.


Still comfy?


Maybe adjust yourself as the following tale is probably going to make you squirm a little, don’t worry, it’s nothing graphic but is 100% true.


Let me take you back to January 2015, it’s a cold winters day and Christmas has not long gone. Your loyal customer (with your broadband, TV and 2 mobile phones) finds himself in need of cancelling one of the mobile contracts.


Loyal customer calls Virgin Customer Services, explains the situation and a very friendly Virgin Customer Services lady sets everything up, “the phone” she says, “will be disconnected”.


Loyal customer, feeling re-assured hangs up and goes merrily about his business.


The time goes by and very quickly we’re in March 2015, loyal customer checks his bank and finds that Virgin Mobile have still charged him for two mobiles.


Hmmm, those lovely Virgin people couldn’t possibly have made a mistake could they?


Loyal customer calls up and speaks to another, very lovely Virgin customer service agent – “I’m very sorry”, she says “they shouldn’t of told you that, the contract can’t be disconnected until April”.


Loyal customer, whilst a tad frustrated, accepts this and accepts the Virgin Customer Service agents reassurance that the mobile in question would be disconnected in April (the 9th if I remember correctly) and no more charges will be made.


So, as happens, winter fades into Spring and very soon it’s summer, July to be precise and Loyal Customer receives a bank statement…can you guess what he found?


Those pesky Virgin Customer Service staff had lied yet again. On Loyal Customers bank statement in black and white he sees that Virgin have continued to charge him for the mobile they had so reassuringly promised him they wouldn’t.

Tut Tut.


Loyal customer calls Virgin Customer Services again, wondering what could have happened…surely they couldn’t be that bad? They were so reassuring after all.

Another lovely Virgin Customer Service agent, another apology.


“I’m sorry”, they say, “it would appear there was a technical problem that’s stopped us disconnecting that for you”.


Loyal customer sighs a little on the inside. His faith dies a little bit more.


“Tell you what” says friendly Virgin staff, “I’ll disconnect it now and raise a refund for the money we’ve overcharged you, “£72 is what we’ll send back, it will be 6 to 10 working days, we’re very sorry”


Loyal Customer again trusts the lovely Virgin staff, not as much as before, in fact, just a little.


Time goes by and 10 working days pass (and we are well into July now) later Loyal Customer checks his bank to find no refund has been received…not £72, not £10, not a single penny.


Loyal Customer calls up again, surely those lovely Virgin staff haven’t got it wrong again, that’s couldn’t be possible? Could it?


Loyal Customer gets through to another Virgin staff member and explains the circumstances (again).


But this time the Virgin staff member isn’t lovely.


This time they aren’t even friendly.


Loyal Customer thinks this person is extremely rude.


Rude Virgin staff member tells Loyal Customer that the refund has been cancelled. Rude Virgin staff member tells loyal customer he isn’t getting £72, he is getting £48 but it is on hold. Loyal Customer asks to speak to a manager for explanation.


Loyal Customer is about to be gobsmacked.


Loyal Customer learns where rude customer service agent learnt their rudeness.


If rude Virgin Customer service agent is the apprentice of no empathy / rudeness then rude Virgin Customer service agents’ manager is the Master.


“NOOOOO” she says, very abruptly “we are not giving you back the £72”


Rude manager however does confirm there are notes on the account saying Loyal Customer will be receiving £72.


Loyal Customer asks to speak to someone else


“NOOOOO” says rude agents ruder manager “I am the power here, you may not speak to someone else, there is no one above me here”.


Loyal Customer, having worked in similar environments previously, highlights to rude agents ruder manager that he knows this to be untrue.


“NOOOOO” she says “You may not speak to anyone else”.


Loyal Customer is reminded of the “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” scene from Lord Of The Rings, you know the one, with Gandalf on the bridge.


Loyal Customer frustratingly gives up trying to reason with rude agents ruder manager.


But undeterred he simply bypasses rude agents ruder managers Gandalf bridge demon blocking tactic by calling back. (again).


Loyal Customer speaks to another Virgin agent (lovely this one) who passes him through to another Virgin agent (another friendly one) called Robert.


“I’m so sorry” Robert says “I’ll get that refund processed for you”. Loyal Customer feels somewhat reassured. Virgin agent Robert seems genuine and nice.


Virgin agent Robert says the refund of £48 will be with Loyal Customer within 3 days, he would put a request in for the remainder of the £72, he says.


Loyal Customer thanks Virgin agent Robert for his help, but, following seven months of disappointment and lies from Virgin Agent Roberts colleagues…feels somewhat dubious.


Virgin agent Robert says he will call Loyal Customer to check it has been received and gone through.


And so we near the final chapter of this tale…how will it end?


Did Virgin agent Robert save the day?


Did Loyal Customer have his faith restored?


Did Virgin do what they said they would?


Well……is this the end of the story?




Loyal Customer still hasn’t received a penny and still hasn’t received any of the promised calls.


Seven months down the line and Loyal Customer is still out of pocket (and out of hair from pulling it out!)


What on earth will Virgin do to fix the situation?


Virgin….it’s over to you, the next chapter is yours.


(feel free to contact me for the relevant contract details)










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Re: Customer Service?

Expect a mod to reply and apologise and then ----------------------------------------------- tell you to phone customer service

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Re: Customer Service?

Hi tda321,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


I sincerely apologise for the problems you've had trying to cancel your contract. I certainly don't like to hear this.


I'd like to try and help with this matter. I'll now send you a private message to discuss further. To view this click on the red envelope on the top left.


Hope to hear from you soon.



Forum Team
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