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Credit Limit on Freestyle SIM Only

I contacted VM a few months ago to sign-up for another Freestyle SIM, but as this SIM was for a child, I didn't want to have a £50 per month credit limit, (the current minimum).


I was told that an update to the VM systems was due to be applied at the end of March 2015, which would allow a lower credit limit to be applied to an individual number.


Spoke with VM again today, and was told that the minimum credit limit was still £50, and VM Rep appeared to know nothing of the previously advised changes.


So, VM, what's the score?? Are you able to restrict the credit limit yet, and if not when??


Chunky Monkey

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Re: Credit Limit on Freestyle SIM Only

HI Chunky_Monkey,


Thanks for your post Smiley Happy


On a contract, the minimum credit limit is still £50. I'm afraid this wont be changing any time soon.


Sorry for any confusion caused on our part.


Let me know if you have any other queries.




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