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Hi I have had no network coverage at all since yesterday; I have checked my bill and it has come out of my account for this month. It seems as though I have been cut off though I have no idea why that would be. I would appreciate it of someone could get back to me asap as I do not have a landline so have no way of calling the customer care line.

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Re: Coverage

Hi shellgannon,

I just wonder with "no network coverage" might it be a fault either with your phone or the network.

Have you tried to use your phone in more than one location?

To check on the service status in your area you can use the EE Network Status Checker

There are also a few things you could try with your phone:

Have you tried turning it off & on again? This should make it search for a network.
If the battery is removable you could try taking it out whilst the phone is turned on, then replace it & turn the phone back on, This will reboot the phone.

Are you able to go into the phone settings & manually select a network?


AlexKid :-)

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