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Contract notice problem

Okay so yesterday I call to give notice on my phone that ends xxx450.  The contract ends 15 November. I speak to representative Kirsty.


I was calling to give at least 30 days notice that I didn't want the contract to continue at the end of the two years so 15 Nov. Bizarrely I get told that I have to call exactly 30 days before the end of the contract. She tells me that the notice period can only be precisely 30 days and not more because the notice starts on the day of the call....


So apparently if I call even one day before I will be charged one months early get out payment and if I call one day later I will be charged for the extra day!!!!!!  This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard and since when does any contract stipulate this? You usually just have to give at least the required period, so in this case 30 days which yesterday I did? Is this even legal?


I explained that I am actually on holiday the week the contract ends so will not be able to call but was offered no solution. Even if I wasn't away I think this is a complete scam since people may simply be busy on that exact day or unable to get through.


Anyway I've been a customer with many phones on my account for many years and and am pretty fed up about this. There has never been any problems like this with previous contracts. Can I give notice by email perhaps? Solution please.

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Re: Contract notice problem

Kirsty was wrong.


See this post

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