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Contract ended but monthly payment unchanged

My Experia Z contract ended on 30 November 15 but I kept it on on a rolling basis. I was expecting the DD to fall as clearly the bulk of this was the handset price.So I was surprised and disappointed to continue to pay £22.55. How can this be justified?Every other time I have kept my phone after contract end the monthly cost has fallen.I rang 789 to complain and I did not really get an answer.So just watch this everyone as you'll probably be paying more than if you took out a newer version of your phone on a new contract.

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Re: Contract ended but monthly payment unchanged

Hi PAB1968


as part of the agreement you take , your monthly line rental would continue until you request to change this othwerwise.

3.4 At the end of the Minimum Term  - "You will need to contact the Team at least one month before the expiry of your Minimum Term or any subsequent monthly renewal date for your Contract Allowance if you do not want us to continue provisioning you with your Contract Allowance each month. If you do contact us we will not provision you with your Contract Allowance but will continue to provide you with the Services at the rates set out for Pay Monthly customers in our Tariff Table until this Agreement is cancelled by either you or us in accordance with Clause 10."

We would be more than happy to change you to something more suitable and we can discuss the current deals with you.

If you don't call the team we would be unable to change to you another package without discussing what your needs are i.e allowances etc.


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