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Contract cancelled but Direct Debits still being taken

I cancelled Virgin Broadband and Mobile contract without using either service 3 months ago. I am looking through my accounts and have discovered that Virgin have taken out £13 on two direct debits for the last 3 months. I have noted that cancelling the direct debit without acknowledgement from Virgin may lead the debt being passed to their debt recovery. How do I get Virgin to stop taking money and get my £39 refunded ?

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Re: Contract cancelled but Direct Debits still being taken

Check with your bank first, when my car loan was finished i found out 3 months later the direct debits where still being sent but the fiance company was "bounceing" them back (showed it going out but not back in). if your bank says this is happening and the money is comeing back to your account then its safe to cancel the DD, if they are not sending it back i would give virgin a call.

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