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Contacts - How to access contacts from a PC and how to add a picture to a contact

Hello! Sorry, I'm probably being really dense here.....


Could someone tell me the best way to access my contacts list on my LG l90 from my PC (I've ended up with over 600 contacts harvested from various places and want to delete loads via my PC)?


Also, I've followed the guide for adding a picture to a contact, but when I click on the contact "cutout" it doesn't bring up the choices for where to get a picture from - gallery or whatever, so I can't add a picture.


Help please?!





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Re: Contacts - How to access contacts from a PC and how to add a picture to a contact

It depends where your contacts are stored. If they are local phone contacts then you may have to use the PC Sync software and connect your phone to your PC in order to edit them via your computer.


If your contacts are stored with Google you can go to and then log in using the Google account you set your phone up with.


Be aware that depending where the contacts are coming from, some won't be editable - some Android phones show read only contact information from places like Facebook in Contacts. However there is normally an option to only show certain groups of contacts, so you could for instance only show those from Google that you've collected yourself.


Unfortunately I don't know why your phone won't allow you to edit a picture, but it could be connected to the contact type i.e. if its a Facebook or other read only contact you wouldn't be able to add a picture.

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