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Contact? Confused!

I have tried to phone Vigin this morning several times to pay my bill and everytime i ring 789 all i get is a recording saying my account has been suspended and to call 789. 

So i have been trying to chat to someone online on the Vigin website and all it comes up with is - all of our agents are currently busy please try again later.

I have problems with my speech due to having Bells Palsy for the 3rd time - the left hand side of my face is paralysed and it causes my speech to be very slurred.

I can't ring from a different phone as all i have is my mobile.

Can anyone help me please as i don't know what to do?

Many thanks and kind regards

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Re: Contact? Confused!

Hi Sparkey3060,


Thank you for writing in and posting about the billing issue.


I am sorry that the 789 was not working for you, that must be annoying! I have checked the Webchat and although at time it may be busy during peak times, around 5pm, its best to keep refreshing the page to get to an agent.


I hope that you've been able to get some headway in the meantime and please take care Smiley Happy



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