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My phone isn't connecting to any network. I was recently abroad and my phone did not connect to a partner network. Since my return my phone has not reconnected to Virgin. So I have no service at all and cant receive or make calls and texts. What do I need to do to reconnect to Virgin?


Sam Craig

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Re: Connection

Hi Sam,

there are a couple of simple tricks you could try.

Are you on p.a.y.g or contract – is your account upto date.

If the battery is removable you could try taking it out whilst the phone is turned on, then replace it & turn the phone back on, This will reboot the phone.

Are you able to go into the phone settings & manually select a network?

If non of the above work, you could also try taking the SIM card out & putting it back again, then turn on the phone.

Good luck.

AlexKid :-)


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