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Computer Says No!

Not really asking for forum help, more of a vent to Virgin mobile

Dear Virgin Mobile,

My wife and I have had one of the most frustrating 20minute calls to your accounts department this evening!

Request 1: We want my Wifes phone to feature on my account (with me and our 3 children) to manage them all in one place (make sense) and to order a new phone on her contact.

Operators Answer: Sorry this is not possible because the maximum number of allowable numbers is 4, I need to fill in a form to extends this to five (which will take 3-5 days) - sorry it is our system! 

Which will delay my wife receiving a new phone, until then as the phone account has been move across as a Pay as you go, with none of the loyalty point she has built up!

Request 2: I would as like to upgrade to a new phone on my existing package, which I requested to changed early July to receive the 250MB of additional data (I feel should have been automatic to existing customers!) and does not start until 3rd Aug - sorry it is our system! 

Operator Answer: Sorry this is not possible because you have a pending change, so you can not receive the new phone until the 5th August.

Both my Wife and I urgently need new phones and the complete inflexibility of your "systems" is really not good enough!

We have 5 mobile accounts+media+home phone and this level of service needs to improve, or we could easily be drawn to others offering better customer service.

Please change the System!!!

Disgruntled of Binfield

A & C

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