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I am sorry to have to resort to a forum for this type of rant!.

I am deaf and due to a mixup with billing my phone service was gone. I have since corrected the issue and my bill is up to date. However I still do not have any services despite my account saying I have!

My complaint is that Deaf people cannot access any of your enquiry services (apart from post). Your text relay service is basically an advertisement and next to useless whilst incurring great cost.

Virgin needs to get up to date with the times and provide an email address for contact information. Despite being a long term customer it is very frustrating to keep being asked to "phone us" when I cant. I do have a textphone as it is a completely antiquated piece of technology and the majority of companies in the world today recognise this and provide a simple email address.

It is not accessible in any way. You claim to have an email via Virgin media but its clickbait to more advertising! I expected better behavior from a large company such as yourselves.

Dont make me laugh with suggestions of webchat! 2 hours of trying and "all agents are busy" and another "phone us" request.


How do I get this issue resolved immediately ?

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Re: Complaint!

Hi KMulligan1982,

might this be of use to you:

AlexKid :-)

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