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Complaint regarding inefficient customer service

To whom it may concern,


I would like to register a complaint regarding the incredibly inefficient and ineffective service I have received from your team of late. The sheer frustration and aggravation caused by this inefficiency has forced me to decide to leave Virgin mobile services.


I have recently moved house into an area with very low reception. On speaking to your team, I was advised to try using a phone with 4g. I then decided to alter my tarrif so as to reflect my usage. I initially did this with what I thought was no difficulty. The next day, I rang in to cement my new order only to be told that I had failed my credit check due to my moving. Each phone call so far had been about 40 mins long and I had been transferred to several different departments. Each time, instead of being each new person being informed as to my situation, I had to repeat myself which has only caused the issue to become more convoluted.


I was then informed that I could open a new account, using a different bank account, and I would be able to receive my new phone, tariff but keep my current number. I assumed that my current account would then have been cancelled.


I was waiting to receive my new phone today, but due to the Yodel delivery company going to the wrong address, had to phone Virgin again to ask them to schedule another delivery. At this point I was informed that my number would not be transferred and that I currently had two accounts registered to different addresses. On attempting to cancel my new account, I was then summarily cut off, despite having, once again, been on the phone for over 40 minutes.


I hope that you will agree that the amount of communication and miscommunication as well as misinformation I've been given is completely unacceptable. I must add that all the individual staff members I spoke to were friendly and apologetic. I feel that I must just voice my displeasure with the complete lack of logic and communication with your system.


However please do not cancel my telephone number as a result of this email.



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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Complaint regarding inefficient customer service

Hi Be77e,

Welcome to the Community Forum and thank you for taking the time to get in touch to tell us about the problems you have had with your mobile service. I can appreciate how frustrating this has been for you and I'm sorry to hear that have decided to leave us due to the difficulties you have experienced trying to get your SIM upgraded to a 4G tariff.

I'd like to look into this for you, but I'll need to verify your details first. I'll send you a private message requesting further details. Just check the envelope icon at the top right of this page.


Kind regards,


Virgin Media Forum Team

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