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Complaint I have no control over my account

Totally fed up with Virgin. I have tried too many times to try to sort out my contract for my phone. I pay all the phone bills but my ex husband still has control because they say he is the account holder. I can't see my bills because it has his passwords I can't stop direct debit because they will override it and he is doing nothing. Surely someone can do something. I have written to complain and they keep phoning when I am working I can't phone when I am working and when I am off they are not there. Will never buy any Virgin products ever again.

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Re: Complaint I have no control over my account

Hi Jwkear,


Welcome to the communitySmiley Happy and thanks for posting.


Appreciate this is frustrating for you.


Essentially even though you may use the phone if the account is in your ex husbands name then to comply with DPA he is the only one who can make changes to it. 


It's a similar situation I have with my wife where she has a phone on my account but it is essentially my phone and my responsibility.


Let me know if you need anything.


Speak soon

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