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Virgin mobile are a separate "organisation" to Virgin Media. Mobile is awful, Virgin made me pay £50 to "get out" of a "contract" I never had a phone for, because they did not cancel an order (within time limit) that was requested. The deal was "two for one" for me and my wife. They were supposed to sort the Direct Debit out and cancel my original order which was within days of the new"deal". Then it was threatening "affect your credit rating and bailiff" type messages. The people on the other end of the phone do not care as they get commission for harassment of genuine long serving customers.

I have ordered a new phone as my two year contract has ended. I have received 4, four, FOUR Sim cards for my Sony Experia NOT ONE WAS THE RIGHT ONE. I have to call yet again, but this time to CANCEL with them. Virgin Mobile are a communications company. I feel I would have had better service and cheaper, if I had asked them to come and paint the outside of my house. Useless inflectional company that just rip you off - bye bye Virgin Mobile send me the bag and you can have all the sim cards, envelopes, packaging and phone back. What I will not get back is wasted time, loss of money and all the stress Virgin Mobile have caused me! Enjoy the island Richard - you deserve it - NOT  

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Re: Communication

Hi Gra55ious,

I'm sorry to hear of the problems you have experienced with your Virgin Mobile contract and receiving numerous SIM cards from us.

I can see by your other post, in which AlexKid replied, that you were unaware that the SIM cards we now send can be popped out to fit varying sizes of SIMs. I'm sorry that you were not asked in the first instance if you had tried this, let alone the other three times a new SIM card was sent out to you.

Is your mobile service working for you now? Please let me know, so that I can check into this for you if you are still having problems with your service.


Kind regards,


Virgin Media Forum Team


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