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Chuffing Poor Customer Service

I sent the following message via a website called resolver which has a good reputation for consumer rights.  Milliseconds later, a reply (the only quick one ever from Virgin) said they didn't respond to this site's correspondence any more - sore losers perhaps?

I am experiencing the following issue: I was supposed to have made a
call on December 3rd at 2106 that lasted for 11 hours and 25 minutes
at a cost of £234.. I did not make this call. Most of this time I
was asleep. Repeated calls to Virgin have seen no result. I am
either promised a call back ( a promise never kept) or I am put back
into the call queue to speak to another call taker. I refuse to pay
this without a full transcript and recording of the so called call I
made. This is also notice that I shall be charging Virgin for my
time in future. £50 for every correspondence I send and £25 for
every fruitless call I make.

To action this I would like you to At least start a dialogue and for
someone to give me a direct contact name and number. Virgin mobile
should also review my account and see that I rarely, if ever call for
more than 100 minutes a month and, thus acknowledge that this charge
should not be made or paid.

I look forward to a response within 7 days of this correspondence.

Please reply to my resolver email account as I would like to keep all
of my communications in my personalised complaints case file.

Yours faithfully

David Cartledge

I'm trying to use this forum to get the one man who did call me, but did not make his promised call back to get in touch.  His name was Karl or Carl

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Re: Chuffing Poor Customer Service

well you won't get a transcript of the call unless it was to Virgin as they don't record private phone calls, is the number familier to you? if so perhaps you didn't hangup the phone properly. If it's not familier could you find out where it is? if it was from your mobile what does your phone log say? and can your mobile even run for 11 odd hours talk time


I'm not sure you can charge Virgin for a dispute that ruling was for unsolicited calls 

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