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Check if my wife have just fallen for the latest scam

My wife has just had a phone call from a mobile "07773 388833" asking if that was [INSERT WIFE'S NAME]" speaking, for which she said yes. Then was asked if she was from Bulgaria, for which she then hung up.

Following on from the latest scams going around trying to simply trick you into saying "yes", could this be part of the scam. If so, how did they know her name, etc..

She also said they were foreign speaking. 

What should we do?

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Re: Check if my wife have just fallen for the latest scam

Snopes, the urban myth debunking site, classifies the scam as unproven because it has yet to "to identify any scenario under which a scammer could authorize charges in another person's name simply by possessing a voice recording of that person saying 'yes,' without also already possessing a good deal of personal and account information for that person, and without being able to reproduce any other form of verbal response from that person."

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