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Charged twice despite cancellation


I signed up for a single SIM card, a monthly direct debit deal but was for some reason registered with two, and was sent two sim card as well. I called directly to cancel one of them and was told this was done and that I would get a confirmation email. I never got that. I called again and was told they could see the cancellation was in progress. 

However, I now see that I have been charged for both accounts, despite only using one. When I try to log in to my online account to see what is going on I am met with "Oops something went wrong" every single time.

So please help! Can I get the money refunded as I tried several times to cancel the plan and never used it? How can I cancel this second plan if the call center cant help me? And how do I get access to my online account to see what is going on?



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Re: Charged twice despite cancellation

Hi Emilie,


all contracts are billed in advance so it isn't very surprising that you have been charged even though the order was cancelled.

I appreciate that it is worrying but as there should be a record of the cancellation and Virgin will see that the second SIM hasn't been used getting a refund shouldn't be a problem.

I recommend that you call again tomorrow between 8am and 8pm and ask for "Cancellations" (they don't work Sunday).

Explain what has happened and hopefully they will be able to arrange the refund and put your mind at ease.

Let us know how you get on Smiley Happy


AlexKid :-)

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