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Change your tariff options limited. Why?

I currently have a sim only £15/month contract that gives me unlimited calls data and text but am not using that much so want to change my tariff. I am on a rolling monthly contract. 


As an existing customer I can get a new sim only tariff for £5/month which would give me 250mins of calls, 250mb data and unlimited text. However if I want to change the tariff on my existing number by selecting the 'change your tariff' option then the only £5/month option is for 0mins calls, 1gb data and 0 text.


Why isn't the '£5, 250m, 250mb, unlimited txt' option available for changing my existing tariff? I could cancel my existing contract and opt for a new one but that would mean changing the number over and transferring numbers to the new sim. Why? Its not as if the £5 deal is an incentive to tie me in to a 12 or 18 month contract either because its a rolling 30 day contract. 

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Re: Change your tariff options limited. Why?

Hi fisyyma

For some reason, I don't know why, the online upgrades are very limited.

Upgrading to one of the new sims is easy, ring 789 from your mobile taking the "thinking of leaving us" option during office hours, a couple of minutes on the phone and all will be sorted, the new tarrif you choose will start on your next refresh date.

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Re: Change your tariff options limited. Why?

Hi fisyyma,


Welcome to the communitySmiley Happy and thanks for posting.


Sorry to hear you having trouble changing you tariff online.


Teabags already given you some great advice. There appears to be a problem with changing tariffs online. It is something our mobile team are aware of and are investigating. 


As teabag suggested your best bet is to call our mobile team directly on 789 or alternatively on 0345 6000 789 as we can have a look at what deals best suit you.


Let us know how it goes.


Speak soon

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