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Cannot type in my mobile number or password when requested to get a photo

I had a photo sent to my mobile, but when I tapped the web site it asked me for my mobile and password. When i tapped the screen the qwerty keyboard appeared but the bars that the number and password were to go disappeared??????

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Re: Cannot type in my mobile number or password when requested to get a photo

The oft-given advice by the forum team is to send a picture to your own number to automatically set up picture messaging on your handset. This will onlly make a difference for picture (MMS) messages that are sent from now onwards.


If you have been sent a text message directing you to the poor excuse for a retrieval website, you really need to access it from a computer.


You need to make sure Java (I think) is up-to-date.


You should try all six combinations of your number (07xxx xxxxxx, 447xxx xxxxxx, +447xxx xxxxxx, 07xxxxxxxxx, 447xxxxxxxxx and +447xxxxxxxxx).


Where it says "ID" in the text message, that's the value you key in to "Password" on the website.


I seem to recall that when you actually see the message header on-screen, you need to tick the box to its left then click another button, but it's so long ago since I needed to do this that I can't remember the actual label on the button. If you're still struggling, by all means get in touch by PM and I'll see what I can do to help.


Oh, one other thing - I couldn't get it to work using Firefox, I had to use Internet Explorer.

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