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Cannot renew comtract due to moving too often! help!

I have come to the end of my contract with Virgin and now have been told I cannot renew having failed the credit check!. I know why this is; I have moved too many times with work and family commitments changing.

Virgin were quick enough to sign me up for a new contract on tv and broadband but refusing me even a 'sim only' contract!!

Is there a 'cooling off' period with the tv and broadband because I am presently wanting to cancel and go elsewhere if I am not good enough for their mobile service.

I had kept the contract going for two years so I cannot be that bad a risk.

Is this a case of "computer says no" and nobody prepared to help ?
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Re: Cannot renew comtract due to moving too often! help!

Hi nig451964,


Thanks for your post.


I'm gutted to hear you're not able to renew your contract with us.


As you mentioned you potentially know the reason for the decision and I'm afraid this decision would be final. Sometimes our mobile team have an option to refer your application on but by the sounds of it they didn't have that option this time. 


Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.


Take care

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