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Cannot make or receive calls!

Can anyone help?

Yesterday, someone emailed me to say they had tried to call a few times. I had been next to my phone all day and when I checked my phone there were no missed calls. But then I discovered I could not make outgoing calls or receive incoming calls. When I call out I do not get a dial tone, and when I called my phone from the landline I got a 'this phone phone is unavailable' message.

I called Virgin help, who told me to manually search for the mobile network. This worked yesterday and I could make and receive calls for a while, but today same problem. I did the manual search again but it has not solved the problem.

Everything seems to work except for calls. I have signal bars and my account is up to date and paid for, etc. The problem is also starting to affect my husband's phone. We are both with Virgin Mobile, and both use Sony Xperia. Mine is a compact z3.

I really need my phone this weekend and do not know what to do. Please help!


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Re: Cannot make or receive calls!

Hi robotmaria,


with you saying that this is also affecting your husband's Virgin Mobile phone, I wonder might there be a local area fault.

Try entering your postcode into the EE service checker (Virgin Mobile works on their network).


AlexKid :-)

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