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Can't make and receive calls

Can't make and receive calls, tried from another phone, same.. signal shows full.
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Re: Can't make and receive calls

Hi dovydax,

Welcome to the Community Forum and thanks for your post. I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing a problem with your mobile service. Is this working for you now?

Have you checked the signal in your area using the following coverage checkers?

These checks are only a guide and do not guarantee service availability in a particular location. It shows outdoor coverage only. As with all radio-based systems, service may be affected by a number of local factors, such as building materials, tree cover and weather conditions.


If the service continues to not work for you, please send a private message to me so that I can look into this further for you.

Please provide the following details:

  • Full name
  • Mobile number

To PM me, simply:

  • Click on my forum name on the left of this post.
  • Go to my profile.
  • On the right had side, select the 'send me a message' option.


Kind regards,


Virgin Media Forum Team


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