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Can't log into mobile account


I am trying to log into my account to check my bill (I posted about this yesterday) but it won't let me log in? It keeps saying the following:

We’re sorry that you're unable to log in to Your Account at the moment.

If you've recently ordered a new Virgin Mobile phone or SIM and can’t log in to Your Account, please try again soon once we’ve verified your details.

I have seen a couple of posts about the same issue.

Any help? Tried use mobile and computer and both internet Explorer and chrome and all the same.
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Re: Can't log into mobile account

Hi franaka,


creating multiple posts on the same query is not the way to go as the Virgin forum team go through posts in date order,

If another member is able to offer useful advice I am sure that they would to your first post.


Having read it, it and it appears that you no longer a Virgin customer having moved your number to another provider, is this correct?

If so that would be why you are unable to log into "Your account".


With regard to any money which may be outstanding, I suggest that you give customer services a call on 0345 6000 789.


AlexKid :-)

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